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Just Write– Second Edition

Oh look, here I am again. It must be important.

And it is.

I have at least a few thoughts tonights topic.

I am here to announce OPERATION LOSE 20lbs, or ‘Let’s Get This Fat Ass In Shape 2011″.

I know I’ve added on the pounds for a while. Slowly creeping up since sometime in 2009. I suddenly needed a bigger size  pair of jeans one day. And then there was…. well, then there was a little life incident in 2010..  Now, there wasn’t a ton of weight added there, it was mostly like being bloated.  And needless to say,  it was so fleeting. But the scale didn’t really go down after that either.  I recall beginning a committed lifestyle plan a month or two after that. A good friend had shown me two different apps for the iPhone where you can track your calories and food, and add in your fitness.  I know I was feeling heavy, but that was probably more my heart and soul then my body. My employer helps to subsidize a local gym membership as part of their benefits package. So I jumped on board with that. Besides, working out has great benefits other than just losing pounds and inches.  It helps ease stress, depression, helps you sleep better. Hey wait… all of those benefits could help me out!  Sign me up!

I have a theory about why I’ve been slowly packing on the pounds since about that time. I didn’t gain or lose more than 5 pounds from the age of 17-27. For a few years in high-school and college,I was an octo-lacto vegetarian. This was less about PETA and love the animals, and more about being able to control what would and would not go into my mouth.  Because I had really no control over any other area of my life at that time. MAJOR SERIOUS ISSUES. But thank God I was never bulimic or anorexic at that time as those are horrible diseases that are barely escapable.  And you know, “Heroin Chic” with Kate Moss as the spokeswoman was really in, and Kate Moss made heroin look really cool. And recreational. Also, she was super skinny. Anyway, around 2009, I stopped taking medications that I had taken for years earlier. Most with a stimulating effect. Some people gain tons of weight on medication, and a few lose. I only briefly lost weight on a really awesome off-label medication, but I think it helped to maintain my lower weight

I was super committed with the gym  for a while. I was going 3-5 times a week. Getting in the pool, swimming laps, climbing the stairs, and doing a lot of cycling.  Also really enjoying the heat sauna afterwards. You’re probably thinking,

You paid to go sit in a heat sauna? Why don’t you sit on your bed at home in the dead of the summer.. or on random days in mid October… same diff?

And to that I would say—TOUCHE. But it’s different…The sauna is relaxing. And it smells like cedar.

But I digress..

So I went for a while. I made excellent workout playlists on my iPod, I found the days/hours  when the gym is empty. I even tried a few gyms in different neighborhoods until I found my favorite . But then in October 2010 I took a promotion at work. A promotion that kicked my ass for about the first four months. Those first three months I didn’t know which end was up by the end of the day. I would slump into the seat of the shuttle each day that drove to the parking lot and try to recover for the next day.  Good friends of mine had a relationship trauma at this time as well, and I was on the front lines of helping both process what the hell was going on.

What am I saying here? My gym membership and I are not exactly BFF. I don’t have a lot of endurance. There is a bit of preparation that goes into going to the gym. You need the gym bag, the lock, the water, the emergency snack for later.. As far as I am concerned, you need to pack a carry-on for one session. And when it comes to endurance, I would go, workout for 30-45 minutes, and then feel tired. I would try to push myself thru it and keep going, but I could only cycle thru that so many times. Many of my friends also have memberships to the same gym, but no one can ever go at the same time. Or in the case of someone in my life right now, the moment you get the workout inspiration seriously, they are done with that phase, and are no longer working out. Or let their membership expire.  Awesome.

And so this fitness company has gotten some substantial automatic funds from me this past year for not a lot of gain  no gain on my end. Or maybe TWENTY POUNDS OF GAIN.

The last few months, I have been bummed out with how I am looking in the mirror. And I don’t mean my face. I mean this belly I see in the mirror. Several times I’ve gone to zip my pants when getting ready for work to find they just aren’t going to coöperate. It’s a little less than sexy.  I’ve known I should be doing something about it. On a couple of occasions now people have asked me if I am expecting. Which, at my age, is more affecting then funny.  But it’s easier to laugh and just keep it light. I admit that somewhere not quite at the surface, I would be cool with gaining some extra  pounds if it meant that a healthy little bean was swimming around inside. I would wear it like a badge of honor.

Fast forward to this week.  I got a biometric screening done. TWENTY POUNDS OVER WEIGHT. Not only that, a BMI that is in the Fair/Poor rating category.  What the….what?!

Excuse me? I am an “A” student. I don’t get Fair/Poor ratings!

So let’s talk about my diet.“Well, what are you eating? Are you eating healthy? Are you eating crap everyday? Maybe that’s why you’re fat!” 

This is where I get really pissed.

I work really HARD to eat healthy. I believe in it passionately. My grocery bills are bigger than yours—I promise (assuming you are single and buying for one).  Every time I get my grocery total—EVERY TIME— I think to myself. “Man, these grocery bills are getting ridiculous..”   I make weekly visits, even. Because nearly all the food I purchase is fresh.  I quickly stifle my economic worry by reminding myself that I pack lunch every day for work. I rarely eat out unless I am starving and not home, or it’s a social occasion.  And I am buying HEALTHY FOOD. Mostly raw food as well. Tons of vegetables, yogurt, some leaner proteins—I eat a lot  often eat fish actually as my physician calls it brain healthy food.

But most recently I have discovered raw vegan green smoothies. Which are basically some kiwis, and a bunch of green veggies (brocooli, celery,kale, parsley, wheat grass, barley grass and green algae).  I try to have one every morning, because I find that I feel better during the day after I have one. More alertness or energy or something. I think I could even characterize my diet as like 20% vegan. I voluntarily consume a lot of vegan products, not because their vegan, but just because they are the choices I am making.

But I don’t have the patience or the time, or the resources to be completely vegan. I know a 20-somthing that is getting FOOD STAMPS to subsidize her vegan diet, and that is governmental fraud if you ask me. I have to pay for your soy cheese?

I watch a lot of what other people eat. In a way, you could say…. I am judging what you eat. But it’s because I feel sorry for you. I want to guide you to better choices. I want you to want more for yourself.  One coworker of mine comes into work every day with an entire LITER of Mountain Dew. Have you seen that Diane Sawyer special? Mountain Dew Mouth?  Teeth BATHED in Sugar water all day??  Sometimes alongside of that she has a Venti size frappa-mochachino with whipped cream on top. A MILKSHAKE, OKAY at eight o’clock in the morning!  And then from the diner across the street, I regularly sit next to her as she consumes some fried foods, with some more battered friend foods on side.  I feel sorry for them really. I believe that you only get one body. You have to treat it well. I really believe this. Now.

I am to the point now that when I eat fast food.. I feel awful afterwards. Tired, crampy.. it’s really not  worth it.

YET I HAVE 20 POUNDS TO LOSE, and am rocking 29% bodyfat. (they tell me my bodyfat should be around 20%).

So, I am at the mall today. And while I am trying on item after item, I am just fixated on how I have “let myself go”.  I found a stretch mark, yo! Bulges that show thru the clothes…. terrible.

Maybe it was the stores I was shopping in, but woman after woman that came into the dressing room, when asking for another size asked for a DOUBLE ZERO.  The fact that there is a size this small blows my mind. I know I’ve discussed this before in this space. Double Zero– dead???

We often discuss “Standards of Beauty?”  Is that the standard in this image-obsessed affluent culture?

This size is on the racks in seeming abundance and it’s repeatedly asked for by woman after woman in these stores. Meanwhile, I am lucky to find my size anymore in my two favorite clothing stores. If I do find it…. it’s the pair  at the very back, or the blouse completely at the bottom of the stack.

Lets say you’re a Double Zero size and you drop 5 pounds from a stressful month at work. WHERE DO YOU GO FROM THERE?  BabyGap???

Anyway, this week I embark on the 1st of five sessions with a personal trainer. I am committed to going 2-3X per week  And I begin to start logging everything I put in my mouth. WHICH I THOUGHT WERE THE RIGHT THINGS.  I can’t wait to see how he’s going to restrict my food in some way.


How did this all come to be?  I hope to log my progress (and probably plenty of whining) here.



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Random Thoughts & “YES YOU CAN!”


  • I’ve been meaning to blog an essay for months now about radio, Top 40 Hits, and the apparent obsession with oral sex. At least once a day I am reminded to rant on this… but I can only claim laziness for not having done so.
  • I just got done cleaning with Pine Sol®™. It brings back memories of my home growing up. It’s obvious that the pine scent makes olfactory connections in my mind to thoughts of cleanliness. Of course, I am not sure this is a good thing or a bad thing, but despite all that it was, and all that it lacked.. my house was consistently and dependably clean.  Thanks to our housekeepers, of course.
  • I have been meaning to sit down and read “The Shack” by William P. Young since I got up this morning. I have yet to start. 
  • I cooked breakfast and dinner for myself today. Yes, actually chopping, barbecuing, boiling, tossing and sautee’ing etc. I really enjoy this cooking thing.. but damn do I have to shop a lot!
  • I really feel better about myself and my health that I am cooking for myself and feeding myself well. This is a good thing.  
  • In contrast, my roommate told me she ate five potato-chips for dinner the other night. Otherwise, the only other thing i see her eat are peanut-butter sandwiches day after day after day.  I’ve been trying to have the conversation that Angela had with me about “loving yourself and feeding yourself well”, but I think it’s having trouble getting through.  If Angela saw the way she ate, she might think that my roommate is certainly going to die soon.
  • Also due in part to Angela’s coaching, I noticed tonight just how much I have nearly stopped eating canned food. Canned food is said not to be good for you, and you should never eat anything you can’t pronounce. I am eating mostly fresh food, and frozen vegetables that are frozen in their peak season.
  • Speaking of eating well…. I am very very tempted to go across the street and get some Krispy Kreme donuts….
  • Yesterday, I made two couple’s dreams come true by handing out “Just Married” buttons for them to wear. They were excited to tell me that they had not visited us in eighteen years.. but they had just married (both couples) and decided to celebrate with us.  The look of joy on their face when I offered that to them. It occurred to me that our “Just Married” buttons feature a classic fairy-tale couple.  Due to the fact that these two couples were all males in gender, I wondered if that might make them uncomfortable, or worse if it might offend them.  But the look of joy in their faces was priceless. “After all of these years.. finally getting married…”  It makes me aware of the negative voices and opinions in my head that would say I shouldn’t be feeling so joyful and full of pride for my newlywed Guests.  But I was!  I was feeling pretty damn proud at that moment, not to mention doing my job to the peak of what is expected.  I will let God be the judge of them. I will not be the one to determine whether their lifestyle is right or not.  

It just so happens that I will be making more dreams come true in 2009.  FINALLY, I will be able to give one of my biggest complaints an affirmative and hopefully appeasing answer!  

“But it’s my birthday, Can’t I go in for free?”

“What Can You Celebrate?”  is the marketing campaign kicking off in 2009 announced by our President on Thursday afternoon.  The focus is center’s on the popularity of “Destination Events”.  Destination weddings, graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, honeymoon’s and family reunions are just the start. We want to be there with you to celebrate the happiest moments in your life.

Now, about that free admittance on your birthday:  EXPECT PLENTY OF FINE PRINT. Of which I will give an overview of now.  NUMBER ONE: IT MUST BE ON YOUR BIRTHDAY.  You can not come the day before, the day after, the next week, the end of the month, or the following month and expect to claim this promotional. NUMBER TWO: Valid ID will be required to prove date of birth.  A passport, a driver’s license, a birth certificate.  

But Sarah, my CHILD isn’t going to have an ID… how are you going to prove it’s THEIR birthday??  

AHEM, I SAID WE WILL BE EXPECTING TO SEE A BIRTH CERTIFICATE.  Parents with young-children aren’t that unaccustomed to having a birth certificate. Any child that travels on a plane typically needs one. Particularly if they are big, and trying to fly for free like my nephew was! 

NUMBER 3. YOU HAVE TO REGISTER for the promotion.  Either online at our official website, or by coming to us and giving us your information including your birth-date.  YOU MUST BE REGISTERED.  

But finally I can say YES. YOU CAN GO FREE ON YOUR BIRTHDAY******


….with plenty of restrictions and terms….  

Don’t say we never gave you anything!

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Lord of the Dance Stays In It For Now.

Adam and Julianne made it another week! I was panicking because LifeGroup ran really late this week (Someone was sharing a Life Story and we give them all the time they need uninterrupted.) It was 9:30 before we finished. By the time I got home, I missed the whole results show. Adam’s Tango last night really impressed the folks! You have to admit, he’s really improved!

The Gutte (Steve Guttenberg) however… was sent home. Thank you online newspaper for filling me in on what I missed! 🙂

I got at least three messages again from people at my Monday night ministry. One person wanted to know if I was still alive, since I’ve been MIA. (Never made it to Church Sunday night either). Everybody misses me and thinks something horrible has happened to me apparently or that I am really in the gutter.  I finally texted one of them back and said

“I’m fine. I’m just taking some ‘Me’ time right now”.  

I hope that doesn’t sound too arrogant. But really, I wouldn’t have much to share in group anyways. Really just more of the same, and even I get bored with my own story…..

Anyway, I am kind of surprised.. I thought he’d be axed pretty quick. Way to go, baby!

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A New First.

Well, I am trying the Instead Soft Cup™. I want it to work and change my life..but I am bracing myself for a huge ugly mess. Even the directions indicate you probably won’t get it right the first time…

Hopefully my shared bathroom won’t look like a massacre has taken place… Here’s hoping!

***Update: Well, I am rating it at about a 75-80% right now. It seriously DOES work. It doesn’t leak AT ALL.  But…

I had a little trouble getting it out. 😦

So much so that I had to leave it in much longer than the prescribed 12 hour limit.. until this morning. Or more like afternoon.. since I was off work.

I found myself asking Jesus to allow it to come out without having to go to something like Urgent Care to get it removed.

And without sharing too many gory details.. I ended up calling the “hot-line” number and listening to pre-recorded instructions on how to remove it.  Even though the insert reads to use your middle finger… I thought my index would would be a stronger, more limber alternative.

Also, taking me back to age 9 or so… they stressed you have to relax  as the first time may take some practice.  Boy, did this bring back some memories of my bathroom growing up!

The key to removal though was following their advice of… pretend you are pushing out a baby while you are pulling with your MIDDLE FINGER.

IT came out easily after that.  Who knew just following the prescribed directions!?

It was a “little” bit messy.. but nothing like I had imagined.

Angela was right about the “public restroom” situation. I am gonna steer clear of that until I get some good practice.

I would say though that when they want you to keep it “parallel to the floor” to keep the contents in the cup and not spill…. is really a tall order. It’s kind of just well….sliding out. And by that point, I was just happy it was.. without medical intervention!

I do like it though!  It really does work. I am on Trial #2 of it now. I am going to try and get more free ones from Ang’.  They are like $8.50 per box at Target… kinda steep for me. If you want something that you truly only have to think about once per day.. with no leakage, and you are really athletic or whatever… I have to say, this is it!  But… prepare to feel like a young woman at menarche again for a day or two! It will bring back memories!

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Using the Voice

Victim’s Rights Rally

Tuesday, February 19, 2008 – Noon – Nationwide

WHAT: Victim’s Rights Rally

WHEN: Tuesday, February 19, Noon (Gather at 11:50am)

WHERE: Beverly Hills Courthouse, 9355 Burton Way,
Beverly Hills, California

WHY: Sexual assault is the most under-reported crime. Yet
when survivors do report, often times they are re-victimized by
the criminal justice system. This includes victim blaming,
language restrictions, barring victim’s testimony and
prejudicial authorities. WE DEMAND JUSTICE!

HISTORY: A shocking decision was made by prosecutors in Nebraska who were unable to prosecute Pamir Safi after the Judge ruled out too much evidence to continue the case. The third trial was slated to begin February 19 against Safi who had been arrested for raping three women. One of these women was Tory Bowen whose case drew national attention after Judge Cheuvront barred her from using terms including rape, sexual assault, date rape drugs, and sexual assault nurse examiner in her testimony. It is time for an even BIGGER and BOLDER presence to remind the courts that victims have rights too! Tory’s case is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to injustice in the courtrooms that victims face every day. We will not tolerate this type of treatment anymore Together, WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

…And if The Company honors my Request-Day-Off, I may actually be there for the event I have helped to organize and promote!

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Reminiscing & The Joy of New Life

(Note: This is a post began pre-crash on 1/17/08. A bit delayed in getting posted, to say the least!)

Reconnecting. That is what I did today. I love to reconnect with people.

Heads up: I feel a little like Anne Geddes in this post, but it will be so worth it. 🙂

After several weeks of trying to arrange and connect with some rescheduling issues, I finally got to meet a little man today for the first time. This is Baby Caleb.


Caleb is the newly first-born son of my college friend Sherida.

 Sherida & Caleb

Already nearly three months old, and this was our first introduction. But perhaps funnier and more pathetic than that was Sherida mentioned we have talked about getting together again since February of 2007! Like I often do when I want to check dates of something, she pulled up a string of emails proving this was the case. More pathetic than that, we did some brainstorming and realized that we hadn’t actually gotten together to see each other at all in at least three to four years. She believed until recently when we connected online that I was still living surviving in another state. Well, I have been back home again from that little terriblel hiatus for almost two years now.

Finally, today we were able to meet. We decided to meet up very near my home at Coastal Mall for Wealthy People. She would be meeting her husband very near there for lunch at 12:30, and was making the nearly 20 mile trip out there to the same town anyway. More specifically, she had to make some returns of some truly awful and hideous looking—but well intentioned gifts from BabyGap™ as well as take advantage of the sale they were having to cash in the balance of some gift- cards.



I had to laugh when she mentioned shopping at the BabyGap™. I told her that that was was a surreal moment for me. I never thought that “Sherida” and “BabyGap™” would join together in the same sentence.

When I first met Sherida, it was Fall of 2000. More than seven years ago. We both were campus residents (to my despair). Sherida was a transfer student that Fall semester. But there was something else about her that made her very unique and a magnet for new college friends.

Sherida was 25 when she came to our campus. And that was awesome. She was thrilled to be living in the dormitory and ready for the whole college living experience. Another friend and I, not yet 20 years old, couldn’t believe that she was willing to be as “mature” as she was at the time and surrounded by predominately college freshman and sophomores. Unlike myself, who practically signed her housing contract that year in blood since I was being forced to return to the Greek residence hall after having secured my own apartment for the previous summer.

Under the old Housing Policies, if you were under 21 years of age, and did not have proof you were living with your parents or legal guardians, or married, you were required to live in campus housing while a full-time student. Completely arbitrary and ridiculous if you ask me. Particularly for someone that had secured a residence off campus and had to haul all my crap back to share 50% of a single room with a complete stranger. (Which, BTW ,my off-campus apartment was greatly LESS expensive than any housing on campus!) Fortunately however, that was the last year that “law” was in effect and I was permanently freed from required campus housing that May. There was virtually no room to put any other students in housing for the following Fall. They pushed people to find housing nearby off-campus. Now, students are only required to live on campus as freshman only, and then they are free to roam elsewhere if that seems appealing. This is after they have constructed more than one new dorm (both similar to Marriott™ hotels) each to the tune of about nine million dollars. No wonder tuition yearly is now $2.00 short of $25,000 per year now!

But I digress…

She was very ‘high-profile’ from her first days on campus. People returning from the previous year recognized her new face and unique name, and people flocked to befriend her. She loved Disneyland, organized weekend outings there all the time for the AP carrying crowd. Always optimistic, always a smile, unapologetically conservative in politics, Christian living, and theology.

She also was something like #3 in our graduating class or something, and got her name engraved on some plaque forevermore for winning some “Student Excellence” award.

Everybody has a story, as I always say and wholeheartedly believe. And her story reels me in. Four years ago, she said she wouldn’t even attend weddings because she didn’t enjoy them. When she met her husband online-dating two years ago, she told him,”

I am finally enjoying being single . I don’t know if I want a relationship”.

They were married in August 2006, and Caleb arrived this past October. Watching her with her son now is just surreal. She is warm, attentive, and seems just like a natural. And yet marriage and a baby is not at all how I picture Sherida in my mind. The same woman that didn’t embrace wearing make-up or most “girlie” things is fully embracing the role of motherhood. I even stopped to ask her at one point:

“So much has changed in your life over the last few years. How is that for you? Do you ever feel like you don’t know who you are anymore?”

She responded that while that was not currently the case, she has had moments of identity-crisis in the last two years. The first time being leaving her job, moving to a new city, and marrying all within the same summer. To more recently, leaving another job, moving to yet another apartment in another suburb, and having a baby all again within the span of just a few months time. The theme of course being, “too much change for too fast”.

It was so fun and interesting watching her browse through modern and cute baby outfits, holding each one up to Caleb for his nod of approval. 🙂 Even watching her break down the stroller to put it in the trunk of her car, and desperately trying to find a “Nursing Lounge” in the mal

Of course these are all very normal things of all mothers. It’s just we all have “images of reference” when we think of certain people. Whether it be your gentle and wise grandmother, an aloof and authoritative father, or that loner-kid from high-school. Seeing her as wife and mother doesn’t yet fit with my mental picture. But, you know what?Who she has become is simply beautiful. Like everything God intended her to be.

Finally, she also gives me hope. A few years ago, when she was my age, she had pretty much given up on the prospect of ever being married or moving on from the post-college lifestyle. I also relate with her, after spending tens of thousands of dollars in education only to graduate and find out there are no jobs available in your field. However, she gives inspitation and hope that you can meet your husband at age twenty-nine. Your not too old for your dreams to come true, for God to show you what He has created you to be and do. And that being single late into your twenties affords opportunities that non-singles often don’t have. In Sherida’s case, she traveled all through Europe in her mid twenties. An experience she wont soon forget.

For me, I had a fleeting moment of sad thoughts when I thought of all the positive change she had been through over such a short period of time. And how I sometimes feel like my life is on a carousel that I am not allowed to get off. Yes, there is movement, but I am not really getting anywhere. Just round and round I go. But for me, I am learning to live on my knees. I would say “I don’t feel like I have any other choice,” but of course I do. I could refuse to get on my knees. In a very low moment today, I felt as if God was laughing and pointing down at me. Mocking me, if you will. I almost could hear sinister laughter in my head. It is a personal battle for me to not believe that God gets pleasure out of watching me fail and make mistakes, with no offer of help or seemingly little to no comfort. My prayer is that my life is transformed in some way like Sherida’s was. Not in exactly the same way. I don’t want to be a copy-cat or envious of someone else’s life.But I do want to be transformed. I want to see this truth in my life:

Ephesians 3:12-20:

12In him and through faith in him we may approach God with freedom and confidence. 13I ask you, therefore, not to be discouraged because of my sufferings for you, which are your glory. 14For this reason I kneel before the Father, 15from whom his whole family[a] in heaven and on earth derives its name. 16I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being, 17so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith. And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, 18may have power, together with all the saints, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, 19and to know this love that surpasses knowledge—that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God. 20Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, 21to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.


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Jamie Kennedy Endorsement!

Well, we just got Jamie Kennedy’s endorsement on the book! Remember the show a few years back on the now defunct WB Network “The Jamie Kennedy Experiment”? (It was a ‘candid camera’/Prank/Punkd type show).

Okay, the real story is that he was a producer on ‘Searching’. (Did you see his name rolling in the credits, because you have.. watched the film, right?) and they are totally long-time- way- back friends. But still….it’s cool!  He’s more well-known right now than she is. That is, if you ask someone who’s older than nine or ten years old! They spot that SuperChick in the Starbucks!  Kids are sooo smart!

“Everyone should read this book. Angela Shelton is the most amazing woman I know
besides my mom. She made me cry and laugh and I’m a guy. I’m going to be nicer to
all women because of Angela Shelton.”
Jamie Kennedy, comedian

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